Miles Raymer
January 23, 2015 AT 05:43 PM EST
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Producer Oliver Nelson may be from Sweden and his latest track comes from EDM powerhouse Ultra Music, but he’s far from the kind of bottle-servicey house music mafioso that those things might imply. He’s got a taste for vintage disco and a subtle sensibility that have helped him rework tracks by Tove Lo, Justin Timberlake, and Marina and the Diamonds into rubbery electronic funk that avoid the full-blast sensory overload that a lot of pop-oriented dance music falls into.

Now, he’s taken on “How Will I Know”—the 1985 hit from Whitney Houston’s self-titled debut, which turns 30 this Valentine’s Day. The original’s funky electronic sheen fits in well with Nelson’s aesthetic, and he only needs a light touch to turn it into a buoyant club-pop floor-filler.

[Correction: Nelson’s “How Will I Know” remix is being released by Ultra, but he’s not signed to the label.]

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