Mark J. Terrill/AP
Joshua Rivera
January 30, 2015 AT 08:27 PM EST

Sending self-destructing pictures and videos is nice and all, but Snapchat wants to do more. The popular social network is broadening its horizons and getting into the entertainment game—by making an original web series named after a rather tired Internet meme. 

The ephemeral messaging service announced on Friday that its first original web series will be called Literally Can’t Even and star Sasha Spielberg (yes, she’s that Spielberg’s daughter) and Emily Goldwyn (yes, she’s that Goldwyn’s daughter). It’s a bit like some of early casting of Girls in that regard—Spielberg and Goldwyn aren’t really known for anything outside of being the children of very successful people in the entertainment business. Regardless of its cast’s credentials, the new series does reflect the majority of Snapchat’s users— young and mostly female

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will launch new episodes every Saturday, and each episode will only be available for 24 hours after it’s posted. Each episode will be kept under five minutes and length, and will be “snapshots of our life,” Emily Goldwyn told THR.

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