Douglas Gorenstein/NBC
Ariana Bacle
February 04, 2015 AT 08:26 PM EST

Things we learned from Tuesday’s Tonight Show: Steve Carell’s go-to makeup brand is Revlon, Ellen DeGeneres first thinks “call” when she hears “booty,” and Reese Witherspoon associates spliffs with Snoop Dogg. (But then again, who doesn’t associate spliffs with Snoop Dogg?)

All of this came to light in a game of Password that paired Jimmy Fallon with DeGeneres and Carell with Witherspoon. One-half of each team got a word, and each one had to help their teammate guess that word by providing them with a one-word clue. Example: DeGeneres said “call” and Fallon guessed “booty”—and was correct.

Carell and Witherspoon are both nominated for Oscars, for their performances in Foxcatcher and Wildrespectively.

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