Joshua Rivera
February 05, 2015 AT 09:03 PM EST

There’s a new Persona game! 

There’s a new Persona game?

What’s a Persona game? 

If you pay attention to Video Game Twitter—a social media subculture where people mostly just get excited about cats—you may have noticed that an assortment of people who enjoy video games got extremely excited about a trailer that dropped today. It’s for a game called Persona 5. No one will blame you if you don’t know a thing about Persona, and are perplexed about how five of these things have completely passed you by without you noticing at all.  They’re kind of a cult thing. They’re also weird as hell. You should totally play them. 

Ever since the series got a complete overhaul with 2006’s excellent Persona 3, Persona games have been mostly about two things: killing demons and making friends. They are jazz-and-J-pop-drenched Buffy/Scooby-Doo/Pokemon mashups set in Japanese high schools with a little bit of Tinder thrown in (yes, that Tinder).

While all of the games share a name, they’re not really connected. They all, however, have a bunch of things in common. To play a Persona game is to meet a cast of incredibly vibrant and well-written characters, to endeavor to get to know them and be their friend, to get sucked into an elaborate and disturbing mystery that threatens millions of oblivious people. 

Persona 3, for example, was about a hidden hour between one day and the next, one that normal people weren’t aware of and was used by demons to attack them in their sleep. Persona 4 was about a mysterious channel that appears on TV at midnight that’s rumored to show you your true love—except the person it shows you always ends up dead. 

Persona games are like a really sticky pop song, full of flash and style and impossible to put down. Outside of this one trailer, no one really knows a thing about Persona 5

Don’t you want to find out?

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