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Ariana Bacle
February 15, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EST

If you’ve been on the internet recently, you’ve probably seen a headline (or five) about Jack White’s guacamole recipe. It all started when someone from the University of Oklahoma, where White performed in January, leaked a copy of the musician’s tour rider, which contained a recipe for the guacamole he had reportedly requested to be present backstage. Some journalists tried making the recipe; others simply printed it. But it really made the news when rumors started circulating that artists represented by William Morris Entertainment—White included—would no longer play at the University of Oklahoma.

White tried to clear things up Sunday, when he sent out an email—subject line: “FOR GOD SAKES!”—via the Nasty Little Man public relations firm. The message is addressed to “journalists and other people looking for drama or a diva.”

“Even in the age of the short attention span internet article,” he writes, “it’s still hard to believe you are STILL writing about this.”

“Someone printed that I’m never going to Oklahoma?” continues White. “Not true … I love it there. Our booking agent warned the college that other artists might not book shows there? Of course they did, it’s bad business what that school paper did and really rude. Of course they are going to tell them to wise up.”

He goes on to call the whole situation “hoo haa” and clarifies that “this ‘guacamole recipe’ is my hilarious tour managers inside joke with the local promoters, it’s his recipe, not mine.”

“It’s just something to break up the boredom, seeing who can make it best,” White explains. “Though I wouldn’t know because I’ve never had it.”

The email soon turns into a lecture on journalism, though White makes clear he’s not mad at the University of Oklahoma students who published the tour rider. “Am I disappointed in young journalists at their school paper? Absolutely,” he writes. “But I forgive them, they’re young and have learned thier [sic] lesson about truth and ethics hopefully.” Looks like White’s trying to get in on the now-popular #AdviceForYoungJournalists hashtag.

More importantly, he says, “people WANT a rider to be a list of demands that a diva insists occur lest he or she refuse to play a note of music. but in reality, it’s just some food and drinks backstage for the hundred workers and guests who have to live in a concrete bunker for 15 hours. some people bring thier own living rooms on tour, some people ask for a huge spread. who cares? what you’r looking for is someone throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get their brown m and m’s, sorry to dissappoint [all sic].”

White ends the lengthy email by asking if he could “go back to making music now.”

“No? Ok,” he concludes. “Crochet it is.”

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