Barry: Cate Cameron/The CW
Ariana Bacle
February 16, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EST

On the ocassion of Presidents Day, it’s time to announce the winner of EW’s presidential race—in which television’s most famous presidents (on currently-airing shows) faced off against one another for the position of commander-in-chief. And the presidential nominee with the most votes is: The 100‘s Dante Wallace.

Wallace, a man known for his loyalty, took 48.4 percent of the vote while the others fell far behind in terms of supporters:

1. The 100‘s Dante Wallace — 48.4 percent

2. Scandal‘s Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant — 26.3 percent

3. Veep‘s Selina Meyer — 14.7 percent

4. House of Cards‘ Frank Underwood — 8.4 percent

5. State of Affairs‘ Constance Payton — 2.2 percent

Looks like the rest will have to wait another four years for their chance—unless one of them (cough, Fitz or Underwood, cough) finds a way to get rid of Wallace before his time is up. Until then, congratulations to President Dante Wallace. Turns out it is in his blood, after all. (Also, turns out you should probably be watching The 100, if you’re not already.)

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