Megan Daley
February 17, 2015 AT 05:12 PM EST

There probably isn’t any doubt that the SNL 40th anniversary special afterparty was the greatest shindig ever—but Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers solidified that truth Monday night on their respective late night shows.

Both hosts talked about the post-party’s unbelievable guest list and performances by artists like Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus. Michael Bolton sang and apparently “destroyed;” at some point in the night, Bill Murray jumped onstage with a tambourine. Oh, and Prince was there too—the coolest person in a room full of unbelievably cool people, according to both. Fallon said it was “one of the most insane nights” of his life.

Get prepared for a lot of name-dropping and jealousy about the party you’ll definitely wish you’d been invited to. (So do we.) 

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