Joshua Rivera
February 19, 2015 AT 08:51 PM EST

The second half of Mad Men‘s final season is a mere month and a half away, and we’re finally starting to get our first glimpses of season 7B, “The End of an Era.” This includes a brand-new trailer, dubbed “The Party’s Over.”

Of course, this being Mad Men, it’s more of a photo shoot than a trailer, with few plot details to be gleaned from the extremely secretive show. Most of the cast is featured at an outdoor party soundtracked by Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover,” and they invited the ’70s to join them—with the exception of Don, the hair is shaggier, the sideburns are bushier, and the fashion is groovier. Also, it’s a summery, outdoor affair, so maybe everyone’s just given up on New York and moved to California for good.

Pete’s still a creep, though. 

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