Christian Holub
March 02, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EST

After months of speculation, Rick Grimes and crew finally arrived at Alexandria in this week’s The Walking Dead. The safe zone comic readers have long anticipated finally opened its gate, and our favorite band of zombie-killers were welcomed inside. Now fans can explore Alexandria, too. AMC Digital has launched a Google Street View-type interface that allows fans to explore Alexandria for themselves. 

“People who watch the show are very much into the entire world,” said AMC Senior Vice-President of Digital Mac McKean. “But when you go through the show, you just see flashes of rooms. In this, you’ll really be able to go in and experience Alexandria, spend some quality time there. Really, I think the level of detail in production warrants this if you’re a fan of the show, so you can get this level of detail you might not be able to get just by hitting freeze-frame as you’re watching.”

The photos really are taken from the set of Alexandria, which allows AMC to show off the intricate details of the production.

“The level of detail that the production team goes to in developing sets and building that world is just incredible, so it enables us to include Easter eggs, down to the photos on bookshelves—they’re real photos that match the world of the show,” McKean said. “We had the material, we had the technology, and so we put it together.”

Right now there are about nine areas of Alexandria available to explore: the Monroe family house, the main gate, and the houses where Rick and crew are staying, among others. More areas will unlock as more of Alexandria appears on the show itself. 




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