Ariana Bacle
March 02, 2015 AT 05:27 PM EST

John Oliver spotlighted infrastructure—the most thrilling of topics—on Sunday’s episode of Comedy Central’s Last Week Tonight by airing a minutes-long action movie trailer aptly titled Infrastructure.

“We should care just as much when [infrastructure’s] under threat from the inevitable passage of time,” Oliver said. “The problem is, no one has made a blockbuster movie about the importance of routine maintenance and repair. Or they hadn’t until now.”

What followed was the Infrastructure trailer featuring Birdman star Edward Norton and some not-so-intriguing tag lines: “A few brave souls are willing to risk everything to make nothing happen” and “98 heart-pounding minutes of incremental maintenance” are just two examples that stand out from the narration.

Steve Buscemi even makes an appearance at the end as the “best damn inspector in the business” who’s “here to inspect this dam.” Although the fake trailer doesn’t exactly make an argument for creating a film solely about infrastructure, it does prove that Norton can bring some spark to even the most sparkless role. Skip to about 17:20 to see him in action below.

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