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Jennifer Maas
March 03, 2015 AT 10:51 PM EST

Saturday Night Live is being adapted for Chinese television. 

Broadway Video Entertainment will be helping Sohu, the operator of an online search engine and video streaming sites, to format the U.S. program for a Chinese audience.

“We will teach them how to produce in the Saturday Night Live format and then they will produce it for their own audience, creating characters and sketches specifically tailored for the Chinese community,” President of BVE, Britta von Schoeler, told EW on Tuesday.

Schoeler said that the shows will be as similar as possible, saying, “Our show is so topical and addresses pop culture and news here in the U.S. and theirs will be the same, by addressing topical comedic issues in China.”

Because Sohu is an online outlet, Schoeler said they won’t have the same scrutiny that television stations have in China.

Sohu has been streaming the U.S. version of SNL in China for the past few years, and Schoeler said the idea developed organically from that success.

Though the deal was just completed and it is not confirmed when the Chinese adaptation will be up and running, Schoeler does know their goal is to make “a good portion of the show live.”

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