Jeff Labrecque
March 05, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EST

Bob Barker is 91 years old, but he can still neuter the crap out of Adam Sandler like he once did on the golf course in Happy Gilmore. In a contentious reunion for Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars, the TV special to raise money and awareness for autism that airs on March 8, the two old foes squared off in the hospital room where Barker was recovering from an injured hip. “Bob Barker and I haven’t spoken with each other in… many years,” said Sandler, before kindly blowing on Barker’s hot soup to help him recuperate.

But Barker wasn’t ready to let bygones be bygones. He ripped into Sandler’s weight, and bitterly blamed Sandler’s unhealthy condition on not casting Barker in his other movies. “If I had known that I had to toss your salad to be in another one, I would’ve,” said Barker, “but Rob Schneider didn’t send me the memo.”

Just as in their first encounter, Barker has more grit than you might expect, and it isn’t long before the two are trading blows and spitting up ebola. There’s even a Carl Weathers sighting. Whatever it cost, the price is most definitely right. 

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