Esther Zuckerman
March 05, 2015 AT 08:41 PM EST

Sarah Silverman has had a guest starring role on a period drama thanks to Masters of Sex, but in an alternate universe she could have been one of Don Draper’s mistresses on Mad Men. AMC has unveiled a series of videos in which celebrities—the likes of which include David O. Russell, Gayle King, and Gary Oldman—talk about their love of Mad Men, which is coming to an end this year.

In Silverman’s, she explains that her friend Jon Hamm, Don Draper himself, had appeared on The Sarah Silverman Program. After he got the role, he suggested Silverman audition for the role of Rachel Menken, the Jewish head of a department store who has an affair with Don.  “I was like, Jon, I have a show, I’m the star of it,” she recalls. “So I blew that.” 

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