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Will Robinson
March 11, 2015 AT 08:00 PM EDT

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s Broad City is Comedy Central’s latest quirky, critically adored home run. The show is unabashedly low concept, tracking fictionalized versions of its creators as they hustle in New York City. The show wouldn’t work without Abbi and Ilana’s onscreen chemistry and love for each other—together, they’re completely enchanting, even though their characters are the sorts of people who might elicit eye rolls and disapproving glares from outsiders.

City has received solid ratings and unrelenting critical ardor; those who love the show love love the show. Fans, famous or otherwise, take to Twitter to express their adoration, because it’s 2015—and Jacobson and Glazer talk back to them, especially their more-known supporters. Which got us thinking: Who might those celebrity superfans play if they actually made it onto the show? Here, we give Jacobson and Glazer a few ideas—not that they need any.

Lady Gaga

The skinny: In 2015 thus far, no one’s tweeted with the Broads more than Gaga has. A list of any possible celebrity appearance begins with the 28-year-old singer and social media’s preeminent utterer of “YAS KWEEN!”

Who should she play? Herself, naturally, appearing in a spiritual sequel to season 2’s top musical number. If she demands it, she will be on.

Who should he play? A jerk Times Square busker, one who exhibits none of Groban’s gravitas.

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