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Ariana Bacle
March 17, 2015 AT 09:25 PM EDT

Ashley Judd is pressing charges against Twitter uses who have been slamming the Insurgent actress with threats and insults ever since she tweeted “I think Arkansas is playing dirty” at Sunday’s Arkansas Razorbacks and Kentucky Wildcats game, she said on the Today show this week.

“Everyone needs to take personal responsibility for what they write and not allowing this misinterpretation and shaming culture on social media to persist,” she said. “And by the way, I’m pressing charges.”

In addition to formally pressing charges, Judd has also been directly replying to some of her critics: One Twitter user mocked Judd’s decision to legally address the abuse, and she responded, “SO there should be impunity?”

Twitter issued a statement to Today in response to the situation, claiming they “now review five times as many user reports as [they] did previously” and have “tripled the size of the support team focused on handling abuse reports.” This is all part of Twitter’s renewed effort to combat abuse on social media.

See Judd’s full Today interview below.

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