Esther Zuckerman
March 17, 2015 AT 06:30 PM EDT

With SXSW ongoing, Jimmy Kimmel enlisted true Texan Matthew McConaughey to boost local Austin business Vulcan Video—which has extensive collections of Canadian TV (Degrassi!), VHS tapes, and more—with some throwback-style commercials. 

In the ads McConaughey does a perfect parody of parodies of McConaughey. For example? He opines: “Quit scrolling, quit streaming, start dreaming about V, H—” He cues Kimmel, who adds, “S.” It apparently takes McConaughey 1.62 hours at “peak traffic time” to get to Vulcan. However, he doesn’t mind. Why? “Number one, I like to drive. Number two, I like to talk to myself when I drive.” 

And apparently we’ve been misquoting “alright, alright, alright” this entire time. There are only two “alrights.” 

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