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Isabella Biedenharn
March 18, 2015 AT 02:02 PM EDT

Jon Stewart finally lined up a post-Daily Show gig on last night’s episode: a brand-new C-SPAN2 “show” called Hatewatch with Jon Stewart, where he acts as a watchdog over Congress. Then, he promptly quit.

The Senate failed to pass a human sex-trafficking bill, which originally had full support of both Republicans and Democrats, because Republicans hid an anti-abortion amendment in the text and Dems want to expunge it. What does C-SPAN2 Jon Stewart call this Republican move? “F–kery.”

But wait, there’s more: Turns out the holdup is happening now because the Democrats didn’t fully read the bill in the first place. This includes the party’s head, Senator Harry Reid, whose last name, as Stewart pointed out, “is literally ‘read.'” What does C-SPAN2 Jon Stewart call this Democrat move? “Dumbassery.”

Watch the rest of the clip below, including Stewarts “emotional” resignation:

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