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March 20, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Alright, to be perfectly honest, what supermodel Karlie Kloss is showing off here is more than just dancing—but the important part remains Nile Rodgers and the disco-funk legendary band he helped found, Chic, released a new single Friday morning, “I’ll Be There,” and debuted the accompanying music video on his Facebook page. “I’ll Be There” is a collaboration with house duo The Martinez Brothers and is a modern take on a disco-ball-and-dancefloor-sized track.

Rogers previously teased the track on his website, and detailed how the tracking was never really supposed to be heard. In fact, it eventually morphed into a Sister Sledge song, but Rodgers went back to it: “I liked that it was never heard by the public before,” he writes on his website. “The outtake became a new song called, ‘I’ll Be There,’ so named because when I discovered my band’s co-founder Bernard Edwards’ body a few hours after he’d passed away, I said, ‘Now I can be there for you in death, the way you were there for me in life.'”

The video’s inspiration was detailed in his morning Facebook post, writing, “Karlie Kloss connects the past and present. She sees the original group (who plays this track) on Soul Train. She visualizes the past looking at old school vinyl – then gets dressed and goes out to a current party to meet up with Stephen Galloway and the current #CHIClineup happens to be playing live.”

Chic will live stream their show from London Friday night at 5 p.m. EST. 

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