Country Hall of Fame to display historic photos of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan |

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Historic photos of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash to be showcased in Country Music Hall of Fame exhibition

(ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images)

Country music might be the first thing associated with Nashville, but a new exhibition at the Country Music Hall of Fame proves it isn’t the only genre to Music City’s name.

Dylan, Cash, and the Nashville Cats: A New Music City, which opens March 27, will display artifacts and photos from the time that revolutionized the famous Tennessee town into a multi-genre epicenter—specifically pegged to Bob Dylan, who recorded Blonde on Blonde there in 1966.

“His decision to record here in the ’60s was a catalyst for many others to look at what must have seemed like an unusual destination at such a polarized time,” the Hall of Fame’s Michael Gray told Time. “The story we’re telling with this exhibit is that Dylan was changing perceptions of Nashville 50 years ago.”

Dylan’s friendship with Johnny Cash will also be archived in the exhibit through photos, along with other relics of music greats from Nashville’s transformational period.

Head over to Time to read more about the exhibit and see some of the photos and artifacts that will be included.