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March 26, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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FX’s Justified is the modern-day master of the neo-Western stand-off—taking the classic setup of a lawman and a bad guy facing off, with pistols at the ready, then adding snappy Elmore Leonard-inspired dialogue and clever story twists. As the show heads into its final hours, here we exclusively present 10 of the show’s finest stand-off moments featuring Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) and the rest of the cast. Let’s count up from No. 10 to our top pick:

10. Art vs. the Detroit Mob hitman in the diner, from “Shot All to Hell,” season 5

Chief Deputy Art (Nick Searcy) gets out from behind his desk to face down Theo Tonin’s (Adam Arkin) favorite hit man Elias Marcos (Firefly‘s Alan Tudyk, appearing as Wray Neary) in a diner. Art later says he was channeling his inner Raylan.

9. Ava vs. Nicky Augustine, from “Decoy,” season 4

Ava is held hostage in Johnny’s bar, enduring a torrent of abuse from Nicky Augustine (Mike O’Malley), who wants her to perform a certain sex act (NSFW language): 

8. Raylan vs. the pedophile at the gas station, from “The Moonshine War,” season 2

In the season opener, Raylan has tracked down a pedophile (Billy Miller) who has abducted Loretta McCread (Kaitlyn Dever). Showing down at a gas station, Raylan doesn’t pull his weapon becasue he’s tired of all the paperwork). “Do you know how a firearm works?” 

7. Raylan vs. two bad guys in the desert, from “Long in the Tooth,” season 1

Raylan goes up against two bad men: Frank (Lance Barber) and Joe (Brian Goodman). Raylan gives them a warning. People should listen to Raylan. 

6. Raylan vs. Danny Crowe, from “Weight,” season 5

All season, Danny has been talking about “the 21-foot rule,” which argues that a good knife-fighter should be able to best a man with a gun within 21 feet by closing the distance really quickly. Now Danny has his chance to prove it to Raylan.  

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5. Raylan vs. Boyd, from “Fire in the Hole,” season 1

Raylan and Boyd’s first showdown happens over Ava’s (Joelle Carter) dinner table at the end of the pilot. When FX first shot this, Boyd died. Then the network came to its senses. As a climactic Raylan vs. Boyd re-match is expected to come in the series finale, this serves as a helpful reminder of their last gunfight against each other.    

4. Raylan vs. Dewey Crowe, from “Fire in the Hole,” season 1

Raylan is at Ava’s, looking for Boyd, when Dewey Crowe (Damon Herriman) shows up. After Raylan sends Dewey outside, Dewey comes at Raylan with a shotgun. 

3. Raylan and Tim vs. the psycho with the pregnant fugitive, from “The Life Inside,” season 2

Raylan and Tim Gutterson (Jacob Pitts) find Jess Timmons (David Sullivan) with a gun to the belly of pregnant Jamie Berglund (Sarah Jones). One word: Apricot! 

2. Raylan vs. Tommy Bucks, from “Fire in the Hole,” season 1

The one that started it all! In the first scene in the series, Raylan sits across from Tommy Bucks (Peter Greene) at a rooftop Miami restaurant. He’d given Tommy Bucks 24 hours to get out of town—and Tommy didn’t take him seriously.

1. Raylan vs. The Icepick, from “The Gunfighter,” season 3

The best showdown of them all? Raylan sits across from Fletcher “The Icepick” Nix. Nix places a gun on the table. He wants to play a game—count down from ten, see who gets the gun first. This is what happens.

Will there be a new No. 1 when Raylan shows down with Boyd one last time at the end of the series? 

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