Samantha Highfill
March 31, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The first season of Finding Carter used its 12 episodes to establish Carter as part of her new—but actually old—family while simultaneously building up the mystery of Lori. Who is she? Why did she kidnap Carter? Does she know something we don’t?

And the good news for fans is that season 2 takes all of the build-up from season 1 and immediately starts paying it off. Basically, the season 2 premiere is the hour you’ve been waiting 12 episodes to watch, where all of the past mysteries collide.

Not only has Lori kidnapped Carter—again—but she’s determined to also get her hands on Taylor, because she claims that it’s time both girls know “the truth.” Luring Taylor to a diner, Lori thinks her plan is going to work, but when Elizabeth shows up with Taylor, things really come to a head.

In a twist that some of you might have seen coming, Lori reveals that she’s Carter and Taylor’s biological mother. Long story short, Elizabeth and David used an egg donor to get pregnant. However, whether that’s true—it is—the most important thing about Lori is still that she’s absolutely crazy … and she’s got a gun on her hip to prove it.

And when Lori tries to escape with both of her daughters, she and Elizabeth finally get the chance to do the thing they’ve always wanted to do: They beat the crap out of each other. And then David comes in at the last minute with a pretty clutch tackle that lands Lori in jail. See, I told you it was everything you’d been waiting for.

Overall, the spellbinding hour mixes together present-day drama with flashbacks to Carter’s first abduction to build an emotionally exhausting journey. It’s exactly the way to satisfy the fans’ need for answers, complete with a last-minute cliffhanger about David’s involvement with Lori that promises to keep moving things forward. And thanks to the hour’s even pacing, no one minute is better—or worse—than the one before it. (Okay, maybe watching Lori and Elizabeth punch each other was the best part.)

So with one chapter closed, we now open another: Finding Carter: Secrets and Lies. (You all knew the “no more lies” thing wasn’t going to stick, right?) What did you all think of the first episode back? 

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