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April Fools' Day 2015: The best pranks around the internet

It’s April Fools’ Day, which means—much to John Oliver’s chagrin—that the internet is full of pranks (and even more untrustworthy than usual). 

We’ll be gathering the best pranks we find online today, ranging from Google’s simple-but-jarring backwards text to IGN’s fake Back to the Future and Fast & Furious trailer. Check back throughout the day for updates.

Google decided to trick everyone into thinking they forgot to read by flipping its entire website.

The seventh movie in the Fast & Furious franchise is coming out Friday, but according to this clip, they’re already working on an eighth: a crossover with Back to the Future titled Fast to the Future. 

Pets need entertainment too—so Redbox launched Petbox, an offshoot of the video company that provides movies especially for pets. Selections include a mix of classics and new releases like Paws, Gone Squirrel, Furry, and Fifty Shades of Greyhound.

Funny or Die
After securing an $80 million loan, Funny or Die created Dips—a platform that gives users exactly 1.5 seconds to make a video. Boyhood director Richard Linklater and Mark Cuban take the spotlight in Dips’ introduction video, but Funny or Die also has an entire webpage devoted to Dips submitted by celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence (who uses her precious 1.5 seconds to talk on a banana phone), Kevin Hart, and Jon Hamm.

Redbox’s all about pet-themed movies, but Hulu’s cornered the market on dog- and cat-themed TV shows. Highlights include Clawed Cityfeaturing two cats hanging out in a cloud of (presumably) weed smoke, and The Real Pugs of Portland.

If you’ve ever thought, “Wow, this video of baby goats could really use some techno,” YouTube just made your dreams come true. Pick any video and then click the music note in the bottom bar of the video to hear a second of Darude’s “Sandstorm” over whatever you’re watching.

Some people like to stay in apartments, others in hotels—but now there’s a new option for vacationers: caves. Choices include a “cozy cave with rocks” and a “dark cave, good for hiding.” Who needs the Hilton when you’ve got these luxurious lodgings as options?

Men’s clothing company Bonobos sent past customers an email confirming their order of a $3,500 miniature horse named Lil’ Dusty (hat tip to Parks and Rec star Li’l Sebastian). Although “Lil’ Dusty typically ships in 122-125 business days,” Bonobos provided a link to a live feed of the horse—which actually takes you to a live feed of a miniature horse (with “APRIL FOOLS” stamped over it).

TV’s latest dating show isn’t set on a desert island or in a fancy mansion but on… Mars. 

The Bachelor
You won’t have to be a Bachelor contestant to have some hot tub fun pretty soon: Warner Bros. announced that they’re coming out with a line of hot tubs inspired by The Bachelor’s “iconic hot tub moments.” This line of tubs will include “a variety of Bachelor-inspired features, including cushion seating, built-in candle holders for much-desired mood lighting, a hidden waterproof compartment—perfect for stashing breath mints for that impromptu make-out season—and adjustable water jets to control the pressure.”

Sam Smith
The “Stay With Me” singer (and winner of multiple Grammys) told Twitter he’s straight. Don’t worry though, fellas: He clarified his proclamation was a joke an hour after sending the first tweet.

Amazon is bringing it back to 1999 today with a horribly outdated homepage featuring VHS top sellers and old-school joke props like rubber chickens and whoopee cushions.

Toddlers have been left out of dating app fun—until now: Hinge launched Playdating, an app where little ones can connect and make plans to grab drinks (a.k.a. milk, juice, Shirley Temples, etc.) together.