See some cuddly moms and babies from 'ZooBorns: Motherly Love' |


See some cuddly moms and babies from ZooBorns: Motherly Love

(Tampa’s Lowry Zoo)

ZooBorns: Motherly Love, a photo collection of unbelievably adorable baby animals and their mothers, is the fourth book in Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastland’s ZooBorns series. Through cuddly photos of creatures from African painted dogs and Java mousedeer to polar bears and quokka kangaroos, Bleiman and Eastland celebrate the mother-baby bond across the world’s zoos, with plenty of educational information about each species, too. Proceeds from book sales used to support the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Conservation Endowment Fund. 

Check out some of our favorite family photos below, before ZooBorns: Motherly Love hits shelves on Tuesday, April 7.

Image Credit: Mike Owyand/ Sacramento Zoo

Image Credit: Daniel Zupang/ Zoo Vienna

Image Credit: Sussi Kober/ Aalborg Zoo

Image Credit: Tampa’s Lowry Zoo