Taylor Weatherby
April 07, 2015 AT 09:34 PM EDT

These days, official band websites can get lost among the vast amount of social media and music streaming sites available—that is, unless you make your site look just like Netflix.

Experimental pop duo Tanlines managed to do just that with their new official site, complete with everything from the red and black all-caps logo down to a “Top Picks for You” feature.

The duo’s percussionist Jesse Cohen told Billboard that in 2015, having an official band website is “kind of pointless” because of the accessibility of information through social media or sites like Songkick.“I was thinking about how we could make something relevant to how we actually use the Internet, and I was thinking about how much time we spend on the menu page for Netflix trying to figure out what movie to watch,” says Cohen.

In this case, the menu page involves Tanlines’ new music, with the “Recently Watched” category cleverly featuring their upcoming album, Highlights, out May 19. And that’s not all—each category of movies also alludes to facets of the album. For example, “Great Second Acts,” which lists what Cohen calls “comeback movies” such as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator 2, refers to the fact that Highlights is Tanlines’ second album. Cohen also commented that the “Dark Comedies” and “Light Dramas” sections are “reflective of their style.”

Even the duo’s recently announced tour dates were incorporated into the site using films and shows with each city name in the respective titles, some getting as creative as Austin Powers for Austin, Texas. The replica site is so convincing, you could find yourself wondering if you’re still looking at Tanlines’ stuff or the actual media-streaming site.

Needless to say, if you hadn’t heard of Tanlines before, their new website might just make you want to binge.

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