Will Robinson
April 08, 2015 AT 08:36 PM EDT

Madonna busted out new single “Ghosttown” from her new album Rebel Heart at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, accompanied on guitar by Taylor Swift. The music video also enlisted some star power, this time from the Empire family. Terrence Howard, aka Lucious Lyon, aka the lead of this season’s biggest TV show, is one of three survivors in the aptly titled post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Madonna is impeccably dressed in steampunk-type garb, wielding a gulf club as protection, whereas Howard adorns a torn-up tux and a freaking sniper rifle. And then they meet and realize the other isn’t all that bad. And then they lustily dance. And then a cute little kid and wolf pop out, and they happily walk off, with hope of finding a town not smoking and demolished.

Fun thought experiment: watch this pretending Madonna is Courtney Love’s Empire character and Howard as Lucious…set in the I Am Legend universe. You’re welcome (don’t tell Cookie where he is.) 

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