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The D Train: EW preview

James Marsden and Jack Black in The D Train (Hilary Bronwyn Gayle)

STARRING Jack Black, James Marsden
DIRECTED BY Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul

Jack Black plays a suburban dad spearheading his 20th high school reunion. James Marsden is the cool guy–turned–Hollywood himbo whom he tries to lure back home in a bid for popularity. Although The D Train hinges on these two “bros” fumbling into a one-night stand (yes, really) after an evening of cocaine and tequila shots, co-writer/directors Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul want you to know that this is no bromance. “Tonally, it’s in a different world than a bromance comedy,” says Mogel. The goal, Paul adds, was a tragi-comedy closer to John Hughes’ Planes, Trains and Automobiles: “You’re crying on the inside and the drama is still funny.” Apparently this train makes all stops.