Trae Patton/Spike TV
Megan Daley
April 10, 2015 AT 05:13 PM EDT

Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt battled it out on Thursday night’s Lip Sync Battle, and it was nothing short of epic. While the show gave fans a preview of Blunt’s performance on Wednesday, the full video provides better look into why she seemed extra feisty during her number. The faux rivalry was amped up as The Devil Wear Prada co-stars went head-to-head, with a little smack-talk thrown around to set the tone.

“I’m not concerned, I’m alright,” Blunt said following Hathaway’s performance of Mary J. Blige’s “Love.” “You know, I mean, I thought it was cheap to have done all that stuff [referring to Hathaway’s dancing]. It’s easy.”

“To be fair, guys, Emily knows cheap,” Hathaway said.

From an excited Chrissy Teigen to a stunned LL Cool J, it was clear few expected these two to come out swinging like they did. But the playful duo really stepped it up, making for two swag-filled performances. While Hathaway’s rendition showed off her dancing skills and stellar lip-syncing ability, it was Blunt who really stole the show as she expertly took on Blackstreet’s “No Diggity,” prompting Hathaway to re-enact the infamous Kanye West VMA speech.

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