Ariana Bacle
April 12, 2015 AT 06:44 PM EDT

CBS News political director John Dickerson will be replacing Bob Schieffer as Face the Nation‘s anchor, Schieffer announced Sunday.

Schieffer has worked with CBS news for 46 years and anchored Face the Nation, 2014’s highest rated Sunday talk show, for 24. He announced his retirement earlier this week, and will be giving up his duties to Dickerson this summer.

Dickerson, who has been CBS News’ political director since 2011, has already appeared on Face the Nation dozens of times and even has a family connection to the show: His mother, Nancy Dickerson Whitehead, worked on the show in the ’50s. He chronicled his relationship with his mother in 2006’s On her Trail). 

But it’s Dickerson’s reporting skills that got him the job. “John is first and foremost a reporter, and that’s what he’ll be as anchor of Face the Nation,” CBS News president David Rhodes said in a statement to Variety“His work in the studio will always be informed by what he’s learned in Iowa, in New Hampshire, on Capitol Hill—anywhere there’s news. He has earned the respect of newsmakers across the political spectrum. With all our correspondents John will present comprehensive coverage on all our platforms.”

Dickerson will take over the Face the Nation desk in June.

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