Ray Rahman
April 12, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

MTV has released a new trailer for its upcoming Scream adaptation series, complete with an updated premiere date for the reboot.

The series, originally slated for a horror-friendly October release, is now slated to debut June 30. Like the original 1996 movie, MTV’s Scream looks like it will also have the same meta sensibility, complete with knowing references to genre conventions. Unlike the movies, however, the series will not feature the iconic ghostface mask—though the new clip does give us a very fleeting glimpse of what the killer(s) will be wearing instead.

Also, there seems to be a scene that alludes to the first movie’s classic garage-set death scene. But, sadly, there seem to be no Skeet Ulriches (at least for now).

Check out the new Scream trailer below:

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