Ariana Bacle
April 13, 2015 AT 08:59 PM EDT

Brand New has been playing a new track at their recent shows, and they officially released it on their website Monday. It’s not called “Don’t Feel Anything” as previously reported (although those are the lyrics to the chorus), but “Mene”—a term synonymous with “written on the wall” (which also happens to be a lyric).

“Mene” is the first track Brand New has released since 2009’s Daisy, and it’s more overtly punk rock than that somewhat slower-paced album. Between the scream-heavy chorus and unrelenting guitar, “Mene” is two minutes and 33 seconds of pure Warped Tour-reminiscent glory.

Brand New currently has several shows planned, and their next show will be in Los Angeles on April 15 with Desaparecidos and Built to Spill. Listen to “Mene” below.

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