Megan Daley
April 17, 2015 AT 05:04 PM EDT

Felt left out when everyone at your workplace watercooler couldn’t stop talking about the Breaking Bad finale? The badass ass-kicking of Buffy the Vampire Slayer heroine Buffy Summers? The unforgettable cast of The West Wing? Entertainment Weekly has you covered. 

EW’s Binge Guide: 32 Perfect Shows for Every Occasion, available now, is the expert companion for binge-watching you never knew you needed. Available below is a sample of the bookazine, and the iconic television series that should be the first six items on your must-watch list—a.k.a. your new bucket list. Be ready to lose some sleep: EW’s Binge Guide is on sale for $13.99 wherever magazines are sold. 

Battlestar Galactica 


The ’70s sci-fi campfest rebooted as a post-9/11 allegory, BSG follows the remainder of humanity on a journey to the darkest reaches of space. Along the way, the nascent society contends with the treatment of prisoners of war, whether democracy is an absolute good, religion as a salve or an opiate…and some really angry robots. (75 episodes)

Watch it on: Amazon (purchase)

Breaking Bad

Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is a weak-spined chemistry teacher who’s handed a terminal lung cancer diagnosis. Walter White is a chilling meth lord who brings death to anyone who gets in his megalomaniacal way. Watch the first Walter become the second one over 62 gripping episodes. (62 episodes)

Watch it on: Netflix

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Richard Cartwright/WB

Before Joss Whedon assembled the Avengers, he brought together another group of heroes with his drama about a vampire slayer and her loyal band of Scoobies who took on the creatures threatening their small town of Sunnydale. (144 episodes)

Watch it on: Amazon, Hulu, Netflix

The Sopranos

Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

Tony Soprano and his family’s hunger for money, sex, power, and delicious-looking plates of pasta launched a new age for TV. Every season is basically self-contained, so hop around depending on which relationship you’d like to see Tony explore: His mother gets most of season 1, his wife takes season 4, and his own tortured psyche lords over season 6. (86 episodes)

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The West Wing

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

This is the messy, invigorating, absorbing world we like to imagine lurks within the White House’s hallowed walls. Yes, it’s about tough-as-oak President Bartlet and his idealistic staff, but it’s more about a family of colleagues we’d love to see every day at our own workplaces, and the Aaron Sorkin dialogue we wish would come out of our mouths. (156 episodes)

Watch it on: Netflix

The Wire

Nicole Rivellli/HBO

“You haven’t seen The Wire?!” shrieks that guy who won’t stop talking about how David Simon’s sprawling depiction of urban life in Baltimore is the best drama ever. What can we say? He’s right. Each season tackles a different institution—from the police to City Hall to the school system—and together they form a stunning social tapestry. (60 episodes)

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