Madison Vain
April 17, 2015 AT 04:46 PM EDT

The Mowgli’s [sic], a seven-person, alt-rock/pop-tinged outfit out of Southern California, just dropped their sophomore album, Kids In Love, mid-tour and fresh off SXSW. It’s breezy, anthemic, and it feels, well, good.

Which takes us to the band’s most recent single, “I’m Good.” (See what I did there?) Upbeat and anchored by the pluck of an acoustic guitar embellished with a nice drumline and some synthy vocals, the track got an equally sunny video that premieres on EW today—and it looks as fun as the band described it to us. “We had an amazing time in the desert filming the video,” they said. “The crew were spectacular; even Luna the dog never missed a cue. It felt like the video was the perfect representation of the way the song makes us feel.”

Check out the video below.

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