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Darren Franich
April 22, 2015 AT 09:49 PM EDT

The penultimate episode of Vikings season 3 ended with a culture-clashing shocker. King Ragnar Lothbrok, already-legendary Viking conqueror, has become a follower of the Christ-God, baptized into Christianity as part of a peace treaty with Frankia. Even more shocking, Ragnar claimed his baptism was mainly logistical: He thinks he is dying, and wants to see his Christian friend Athelstan again in heaven.

Ragnar’s friends and family arrived just in time to witness the baptism. Thursday’s season finale promises to explore the ramifications of Ragnar’s conversion. In an exclusive clip from the finale, brother Rollo, ex-wife Lagertha and wild-card friend Floki discuss what the baptism means for Ragnar’s mental state—and for the future of the Northmen. Watch below, and be sure to check back on EW on Thursday night for a full recap of the season finale and a far-reaching chat with Vikings writer Michael Hirst.

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