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Jonathon Dornbush
April 23, 2015 AT 05:11 PM EDT

Laurel Lance is taking one more step toward becoming the Black Canary comic book fans recognize in next week’s Arrow.

A new teaser trailer has debuted for the next episode, previewing Laurel’s brand new, glass-shattering ability, the Canary Cry. The Cry is a well known ability of the comic book version of the character, and is finally set to make its debut during “Al Sah-him.”

(Slight The Flash/Arrow spoilers follow)

Laurel actually received this newfound ability in Starling City when Cisco and Joe came to visit from Central City. As this week’s episode of The Flash revealed, Cisco lent Laurel a helping hand when she and her father, Quentin Lance, popped up on The Flash and repaired Sara Lance’s sonic device for Laurel. 

Watch Laurel use the Cry below, which not only brings the show a little closer to its comic roots, but is another nice example of how The CW’s pair of superhero shows can influence one another. And be sure to read about what’s in store for Team Arrow after this week’s big changes.

Correction: An earlier version of this article said Laurel received the repaired device in Central, when in fact it was in Starling.

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