EW Staff
April 24, 2015 AT 04:19 PM EDT

The upcoming musical London Road puts a real-world spin on not just its story, but the dialogue of its characters.

The film, which stars Tom Hardy and Olivia Colman among an ensemble cast, is a musical set around the titular street in Ipswich, England that focuses on a real-life serial killer’s murders and subsequent trial from 2006 through 2008.

Adapted from the stage musical of the same name by the same director and a writer, Rufus Norris and Alecky Blythe, London Road has its actors reciting dialogue lifted exactly from actual interviews recorded during that time period. The original musical and the film centers on the residents in the area and how they dealt with these murders.

The Guardian has debuted an exclusive trailer of the film, offering a look at the story with brief snippets of music. The trailer also touts the verbatim dialogue from the movie, which will debut in the U.K. on June 12.

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