Andrea Towers
April 24, 2015 AT 04:18 PM EDT

Making your own cosplay outfit isn’t unusual, but Arrow fan Danielle Taylor went above and beyond. Disappointed by her school’s prom theme, she took matters into her own hands—and even got love from the vigilante himself for it.

In a Facebook post, the Douglasville, GA teen showed off multiple photos of the dress inspired by the hit CW series, explaining that she went to prom as The Green Arrow “because my school’s prom theme was awful, it was called Sweet Dreams (or Candy Land). So being the nerdy person I am, I designed my prom outfit after the Arrow, and said, ‘Prom, you have failed this high-school.'” Taylor’s friend followed her lead by also wearing a superhero themed dress, modeling hers after The Flash.

After posting the pictures online, star Stephen Amell shared the post on his own timeline giving his approval and telling Taylor and her friend that “both looked tremendous.”

Maybe the CW has room for one more Green Arrow in Starling City? Or at least a job in the wardrobe department…

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