Madison Vain
April 24, 2015 AT 06:11 PM EDT

Alabama rapper Yelawolf dropped his sophomore collection, Love Story, earlier this week, and it featured just one collaboration (does that even happen in rap?): Eminem appears for a track called “Best Friend.” It’s a slow burn until Em hops in, and—whether it’s because Eminem appearances grow increasingly rare year over year, making us keen to savor their every vitriolic second, or you just forgot how good he is—once he pops up, late in the video, rapping in a church, it’s an all out squall that will likely have you praying the camera stays on him. 

Eminem served as a producer on Love Story, and Yelawolf is signed to Shady Records. But there’s more to this particular choice of collaborator. In an interview with MTV News earlier this month, ‘Wolf said, “The song was already really strong, and I knew that I was touching on something that was serious—or, to me, it was. The melody in the song, it came together, and I just thought, ‘If Marshall, if he gets on this and understands this concept, that it would be outta here.’ So I just crossed my fingers and sent it to him. Luckily, he understood it perfectly, and obviously killed it.” 

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