Will Robinson
May 04, 2015 AT 07:59 PM EDT

The new Chemical Brothers tracks keep coming—and they’ve got a feature on the latest Born in the Echoes song. The electronic duo debuted “Go” with Q-Tip as the sole vocal contributor. It’s always nice to see A Tribe Called Quest alums getting work. He’s all in on this assured club cut, even busting out some singing in the hook in addition to this matter-of-fact flow. He’s not the only guest contributor in the proceedings. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind co-writer and Be Kind Rewind director Michel Gondry did the music video, which is absent of both musical artists. Instead, we follow seven women in futuristic lederhosen carrying around two metal poles, churning it, and rhythmically walking to the beat. Watch confusingly below, while also getting pumped for the Brothers’ new record, out July 17.

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