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Game of Thrones: Which actor is also the best singer?

(Helen Sloan/HBO)

Several members of Game of Thrones’ cast have a musical side. Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn, is a former British pop star; Raleigh Ritchie (a.k.a. Jacob Anderson, who plays Grey Worm) is a current one; Kristian Nairn (Hodor) is a DJ. The latest actor to join their ranks: 15-year-old Brenock O’Connor, who stars as Jon Snow’s sidekick Olly at Castle Black. O’Connor posts cover videos of pop songs on his personal YouTube channel, and we’re partial to this cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”:

O’Connor’s hidden talent got us thinking: Maybe it’s time to set up a singing competition—Westerosi Idol, anyone?—for all the crooners on the show. It won’t get any of them closer to the Iron Throne, but we’d enter the following actors into the competition:

First up, here’s Flynn and actor Robson Green singing “Unchained Melody”:

Next, Daniel Portman (Podrick) fittingly sings “The Rains of Castamere”:

And then there’s Ritchie in a music video for his song, “Stronger Than Ever”:

We’ll finish with 12 seconds of Sophie Turner (Sansa) singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart”:

Who’s got the best set of pipes? You decide. Maybe it’s time to get the entire cast to do a cover of the show’s theme together…