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Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke ranks her Daenerys costumes

From exiled princess to nomadic tribal bride to the Mother of Dragons and Queen in Meereen, Daenerys Targaryan has had an incredible journey across five seasons on HBO’s Game of Thrones—one that’s required an equally dramatic and diverse wardrobe. While most characters on the hit series have only had a handful of outfits over the years (Arya just got her first major costume change a few weeks ago), the Breaker of Chains’ closet has evolved significantly. We asked Emmy-nominated star Emilia Clarke which outfits have been her favorite—and least favorite—on the show, and received a few rather unexpected answers. 

“Sentimentally, my favorite-favorite Dany outfit is some of the stuff from season 1,” Clarke said. “Because it’s season 1. And I remember putting it on and being like, ‘This is amazing!’” Clarke first cited this “viewing dress” from when Daenerys first met her Dotharki husband Khal Drogo:

She also mentioned this other dress she wore for her wedding ceremony to Drogo.

Dany’s Dothraki riding outfit, below, which she wore for most of the first season, is perhaps her character’s most iconic costume. Clarke noted her sentimentality about season 1 extended to this tattered garb as well, yet she wasn’t a fan of having a bare midriff. “I think having my tummy out the whole time was probably not my favorite,” Clarke says. “It’s after lunch, let’s have close-ups!” 

But what about Clarke’s least favorite costumes over the five seasons? Those were tougher for Clarke to choose. Thrones has twice won the Emmy for Outstanding Costumes, and has been nominated in the category every year. Still, the actress gamely gave it her best shot. See what she chose on the next page.