Megan Daley
May 07, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Price Is Right contestant Danielle Perez may not have won the best prizes while appearing on the game show earlier this week, but luckily, Jimmy Kimmel soon swooped into offer something a little more special—a cruise. 

Perez, who uses a wheelchair, was offered two prizes by host Drew Carey: a sauna and a treadmill. While the selection was completely random, Perez made light of her winnings, saying she would use the exercise equipment as a piece of furniture like most Americans already do. (Truth.)

Kimmel asked Perez about the Internet reaction to the episode. “I know some people were upset about it, right?” said Kimmel. “People are looking for reasons to be mad about things they have no right to be mad about all the time. I think that’s why the Internet was invented.”

He then awarded Perez with a Royal Caribbean cruise, which seems like a much better fit than the extra piece of furniture and a glorified heat lamp. Way to go, Jimmy. 

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