Raajessh Kashyap/Getty Images file
Dana Rose Falcone
May 08, 2015 AT 12:34 PM EDT

Two days after receiving a five-year prison sentence for killing a man in a 2002 hit-and-run accident, Bollywood actor Salman Khan had his sentence suspended by the high court of Mumbai pending his appeal, the BBC reports.

Khan was convicted of driving the car that killed a homeless man on the sidewalk outside of a Mumbai bakery. He was allegedly under the influence of alcohol when he lost control of the vehicle. Four others were injured.

The actor was free on two-day’s bail, but was expected to be taken into custody Friday. Now, he can remain free until his final appeal hearing in July. Khan, who has been referred to as the Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and George Clooney of the Bollywood film industry, has numerous films in the works, and his presence will be missed should his sentence be upheld this summer.

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