Will Robinson
May 08, 2015 AT 10:35 PM EDT

Avicii has returned from his imposed journey to the Sweden wilderness with a new song paired with a music video and a new corporate collaboration. The Swedish DJ released his interpretation of Nina Simone’s classic “Feeling Good” on Friday as part of his “New Beginning” campaign with Volvo. The video’s description states Avicii’s “320 gigs a year and the constant pressure to deliver had taken its toll on his body and mind,” leading to his eight-month break. 

The four-ish minutes track the musician everywhere, from high-octane concerts, to the desert, to around the dinner table in a dope, muted gray sweater sipping on a cup of joe and enjoying life. “Do you ever get the chance to be just Tim?” a robotic voiceover, maybe Ultron, poses. “I don’t think I’ve had the time to really sit back and just look at what’s really happened,” he responds. “It doesn’t feel real.” Glad to see Tim can return to his coffee-drinking ways—oh, and the whole music thing, too.

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