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Andrea Towers
May 08, 2015 AT 04:32 PM EDT

Last night, in a rush of Upfront news, ABC unleashed a multitude of renewals—including a second season order for Agent Carter, the eight-episode series starring Captain America’s Hayley Atwell. Although the show’s debut season was critically well-received, ratings fluctuated throughout its run, leading many to worry about its fate at a time when many television shows don’t make it off the bubble.

But Peggy Carter will live to fight another day…and hopefully, so will Angie Martinelli, Edwin Jarvis, Daniel Sousa, Jack Thompson, Howard Stark, and the multitude of other players in Peggy’s world. While I’m sure master showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters already have their stories planned out for season 2, I’m going to dream big anyway—and take a page from last year as I ruminate on some of the things I hope to see when the show returns. (I’ll leave out the obvious ones, like Peggy kicking ass and more awesome undercover missions.)

Expand the Agent Carter character universe

Agent Carter set up numerous hints about future stories, and it would be impossible to fit all of those plots into what will probably be another eight episodes. Still, I’d love to finally meet Jarvis’ wife, Anna, a character who contributed (off-screen) to many of the butlers’ more amusing moments as he navigated his “secret life.” We got a little bit of backstory on Anna when Jarvis opened up to Peggy during one of their missions… but would it be too much to ask to see the other woman in Jarvis’ life? And on that note, while there’s no doubt we’ll see more of Howard Stark (and his many inventions), maybe there’s a possibility of Maria Stark appearing as well. Similar to Bobbi Morse’s introduction in Agents of SHIELDAgent Carter would be a great way to introduce a smaller character that also has significant meaning to the Marvel world. (And if you’ve seen Winter Soldier, you know that it was implied that Hydra had a hand in the Stark family’s eventual deaths.)

Peggy and Angie

When we last left the ladies of The Griffith, Jarvis had generously offered Angie a place in one of Stark’s residences…with Peggy. Depending on how Agent Carter decides to play with its timeline, the time between seasons 1 and 2 could potentially cover a lot of ground—meaning characters could have grown their relationships off-screen, much as they did between the two Avengers movies. While Atwell has expressed her interest in a Peggy/Angie relationship, I’m not honestly picky. I’d be happy with Angie becoming an integral part of Peggy’s life in any capacity, as long as we got to see the two spending more time together…especially if it includes more late night diner talks.

Lyndsy Fonseca: Series regular

Speaking of Angie, now that Peggy is no longer hiding her secret spy life, I think it’s time to see Lyndsy Fonseca take center stage (and assume a series regular position) showing off those kick-ass skills she became known for on Nikita. Peggy may not need a partner at the SSR, but she could always use trustworthy back-up…and Angie is more than capable of stepping into that role.

Bring back The Howling Commandos

Marvel Cinematic Universe fan or not, one of the things that always ignites excitement is when movie easter eggs cross over onto the small screen. The Howling Commandos are a prominent piece of Captain America’s world, and and seeing them join Peggy for an episode last season was one of the show’s highlights. Viewers already know that they respect her enough to think of her as “one of the boys,” so maybe another team-up could be on the way. Or maybe the Howling Commandos can visit New York on their own mission. Okay, maybe I just really want to see an appearance from dearly departed Agent Tripp’s grandfather, Gabe Jones. (Hey, one can dream.)

The return of Dottie Underwood

The Black Widow was seemingly defeated at the end of the first season, but Dottie’s fate was very much left up in the air for a possible return. Avengers: Age of Ultron expanded on the information we learned about Dottie in the first season by showing us another Black Widow’s past—and given how important the Red Room is to the Marvel Universe, there’s certainly much more that can be unearthed. Dottie has so many secrets and layers; it would be a shame to leave her on the sidelines for season 2. Plus, let’s be honest: that last fight was pretty brutal, and she can’t possibly be done with Peggy yet.

Sousa and Peggy…together?

SSR agent Daniel Sousa really came into his own later in the season, once he became aware of Peggy’s secret. And the last episode saw him asking his now-equal colleague out for a drink…an invitation Peggy politely declined. Many fans have theorized that Sousa might be the husband that Peggy mentions in Winter Soldier. Whether that’s true or not, there’s definitely room to grow this relationship, especially in light of the changes the SSR has faced. We know Peggy is content with her value now, even if she’ll continue to get treated unfairly at times. But I would love to see her working more in tandem with Sousa on cases as they continue to build that respect between each other.

Additional tie-ins to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Since Marvel loves throwing in familiar references and names (like Dr. Fennhoff, a.k.a. Dr. Faustus), I wouldn’t put it past Agent Carter to introduce us to more smaller but prominent characters that had a spot in comics history around the time the show takes place. Possible camoes? Jim Hammond (The Human Torch, who actually was briefly teased in the first Captain America) or maybe Orson Randall, one of the first Iron Fists who, according to Marvel history, fought during World War I.

The build-up to later Marvel storylines is almost inevitable, especially since we saw Armin Zola conspiring with Fennoff at the end of the season. (Zola, as we know, was an integral part of the Winter Soldier program—the same program that gave Bucky Barnes his metal arm. And let’s not forget that Fennoff is known for his brainwashing and mind control, other aspects of the experimental procedure.) While it’s unlikely that the show could score a cameo from Sebastian Stan (he’s a little tied up filming Civil War at the moment), maybe it could bring Toby Jones back for a few guest spots. If anything, it could certainly touch on how Fennoff is contributing to Hydra. The show could also explore the way Hydra started growing its roots within SHIELD, especially since Winter Soldier teased that Hydra was festering within the good guy organization as far back as the 1950s. After all…it’s all connected, right?

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