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Shirley Li
May 12, 2015 AT 06:14 PM EDT

The stars of today’s hit shows are a busy bunch—but even they need some downtime. At Monday night’s EW/People Upfronts party in New York, we spotted the casts of The Blacklist cheesing it up in our Twitter photobooth, the cast of How to Get Away With Murder assembling like the Avengers (albeit without their Nick Fury, i.e. actress Viola Davis), and even Terry Crews swapping out his shoes for a more comfortable pair on the steps of the High Line Hotel.

Of course, EW’s preferred strategy for some R&R is to binge-watch as much TV as possible. So, to celebrate, we asked the stars of dramas and comedies alike what TV shows they recently binge-watched—and why they just can’t quit binge-watching. Here are their picks for must-see TV; repeat mentions include Bloodline, Veep, and The Jinx:

Darby Stanchfield, Scandal: Veep! I mean, I’m sort of caught up now, but I binge-watched the first couple of seasons. I love that show; it’s so fun.”

Tony Goldwyn, Scandal: “I think I watch everything. The last thing I watched was Bloodline on Netflix, and also simultaneously Mad Men, because I was a little behind on this season.”

Katie Lowes, Scandal: Togetherness on HBO. I’m obsessed. I can’t handle it.”

Sophia Bush, Chicago PD: “You know what I just started binge-watching? The Good Wife. And Orphan Black. I binge-watched that whole show, and now my friends and I wait with bated breath every week for the episode to air, so it’s not technically a binge, but it’s certainly the most timely watching I do every week.”

Patricia Heaton, The Middle: “Oh, I just did one: Breaking Bad. Once we started, forget it—I was up until 3 in the morning.”

Liza Weil, How to Get Away With Murder: Bloodline. It’s so good.”

Constance Wu, Fresh Off the Boat: “The last show I binge-watched was Fargo, actually. The next show? Hmm, I don’t know! I’m going to have to look at all the trailers from all the upfronts.”

Aja Naomi King, How to Get Away With Murder: “I watch so much TV! [Laughs] I’m like, what was the last one? Oh, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was the last show I got all the way through.” [Sings theme song] “Unbreakable, they alive dammit… it’s a miracle!”

Bellamy Young, Scandal: “I’m not a binger. I’m a delayed gratification person. I’m so old school. Like Mad Men? I love the way they make me wait.”

Wesley Snipes, The Player: Orphan Black.”

Ken Jeong, Community: “My wife and I binge-watch The Walking Dead, and we caught up last season. For a few months while I was working on projects, every time I came home, it’s very addicting. The writing and the performances are just so superb on that. I’m a huge fan.”

Hisham Tawfiq, The Blacklist: Daredevil. I love that show.”

Karla Souza, How to Get Away With Murder: “I mean, is this embarrassing? It’s Scandal. Yeah, I kept it in the family. They work right next to us, where we film, so just to see their writing and their acting and everything, you know, you see how the magic happens and sometimes it changes your perspective. But it hasn’t; it’s only made me more respectful of their work.

Melissa George, Heartbreaker: “I’m loving Bloodline. It’s a slow burn, but I’m loving it.”

Mozhan Marnò, The Blacklist: Better Call Saul. It’s a great show.”

Danielle Panabaker, The Flash: The Wire, because it’s amazing. It was so wonderful, I would watch it on the planes back and forth to Vancouver and, like, I couldn’t wait to get on a plane to watch more. And it’s extremely topical considering everything going on right now.”

Zachary Levi, Heroes Reborn: Peaky Blinders on Netflix. Because Cillian Murphy’s a genius, and he’s awesome, and it’s only six episodes, and I love it.”

Ben Feldman, Superstore: “The last show I binge-watched… Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, maybe? My wife and I watched it a lot recently, I think that’s a great show. I sing [the theme song] all the time, in fact my cast of the show I’m here to promote [Superstore], we would sing the song all the time on set. [Sings] ‘It’s a miracle!‘”

Greg Poehler, Welcome to Sweden: The Jinx, actually. It was like six straight hours of mind-f–king. It’s kind of creepy. After the third hour you’re just like, I don’t know, believing him, almost? I’m kind of into crime and whodunits, especially when you know who did it the entire time.”

Jesse Williams, Grey’s Anatomy: Fargo, the FX show. I loved it. I thought the performances were really interesting. I love a good whodunit. The tone was really wonderful and dark with a small town Americana comedy feel. I loved it.”

Jerrika Hinton, Grey’s Anatomy: Hannibal. It’s incredibly horrific in the best, best way.”

Diego Klattenhoff, The Blacklist: True Detective. I just got the DVD, I went through that. I was a big fan when it came out, but it’s just crazy—like, I would watch the show and then watch it again and scour over it. I’m looking forward to the second season of that. I’m excited to see what happens.”

Jackie Cruz, Orange Is the New Black: “Oh, Empire, because my girlfriend Kaitlin Doubleday is on it. And Game of Thrones. I’m obsessed. Obsessed.”

Joshua Malina, Scandal: “The last show I binged probably was The Walking Dead. I’ve been up-to-date for a while, but I probably didn’t watch for a couple seasons [so that’s] when I crazy binge-watched.”

Alfred Enoch, How to Get Away With Murder: “I’m not much of a binge-watcher.” [Laughs] “The best answer I can give is a rubbish answer. Oh, there is something! There’s a show called Inside No. 9, it’s by comedy geniuses. I’ll just leave it at that. It’s on the BBC, I think. I’ve been watching it back home, and it is incredibly ingenious, witty, and very very very entertaining.”

Scott Foley, Scandal: “The last show I binge-watched was Downton Abbey, and what do I like about it? It’s Downton Abbey!”

Randall Park, Fresh Off the Boat: “The last show I binge-watched, to be honest with you, is Veep. Not because I’m on it [laughs] but because I was behind for a while, and I literally watched all of this season so far last night in one sitting.”

Matt McGorry, How to Get Away With Murder: “I’m not a really big binge-watcher in general. The most I can watch is maybe an hour and a half of TV at a time, maybe two hours. But Girls, I’ve been watching. I love it, it’s just great.”

Peri Gilpin, Mr. Robinson: Bob’s Burgers. My family just can’t get enough of it, it just cracks us up. We’ll say, ‘Let’s just watch one episode before we go to sleep,’ and then, like, six episodes later, we’re still laughing.”

Jeff Perry, Scandal: The Americans. I love everything about it. I love the premise, I love the time period, and Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell are all just amazing actors.”

Terry Crews, Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Silicon Valley. Mike Judge is a genius. I worked with him on Idiocracy, and it was one of the shows that I could not get enough of last season. I can’t miss it; it’s just that funny. He’s so good.”

Abigail Breslin, Scream Queens: “It’s shameful but, well, it’s not that shameful. I just love Intervention so much. So, I’ve actually tried to intervene in people’s lives with different things and gone way too over the top. I’m like, ‘Listen to me right now, your candy addiction is out of control, and I’m saying this from love, I’m trying to help you, and how dare you do this?’ My friends hate me because of that, but it’s fine.”

Jamie Lee Curtis, Scream Queens: “I’ve been watching Wolf Hall, and what I like about it is Mark Rylance, the star of the show.”

Priyanka Chopra, Quantico: “I only binge-watch shows because that’s what I do when I do hair and makeup. The last ones I finished were Empire and Grey’s Anatomy. I was really mad about Grey’s Anatomy doing what it did, it made me cry. I was worked up about it for at least two days, it really affected me.”

Ryan Murphy, Scream Queens: “The last show I binge watched was The Jinx. That was like heaven. I’m really good friends with Jason Blum, who was one of the executive producers, and I just was obsessed with it. I had great joy watching it altogether. I was very good and I didn’t read spoilers online, so when [the ending] happened, I literally leapt out of my chair. I was so stunned at what had happened, so it was one of the great TV moments of the year for me.”

Billy Eichner, Difficult People: “I don’t have time to binge-watch anything. We’re shooting Billy on the Street right now, so I just sample things. And I’m very tired after I shoot, it’s exhausting, and the only thing I have energy for is Wendy Williams. I watch Wendy Williams every night. On the DVR.”

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