Comedy Central
Dana Rose Falcone
May 15, 2015 AT 03:06 PM EDT

On Tuesday’s episode of Inside Amy Schumer, the comedian parodied what happens when female guests go on late night talk shows. Schumer plays Amy Lake Blively, who flirts with lecherous host Bill Hader and calls herself a tomboy who likes to wear sweatpants and watch Star Wars.

When Schumer joined Jimmy Kimmel Live! as a guest on Thursday night’s show, Kimmel addressed the parody. “As the host of a talk show, I got a kick out of that vicious parody of what we do every night,” he said.

“This one was not about anyone specifically, honestly,” Schumer insisted.

Still, Kimmel enjoyed her jabs at a female celebrities who aim to seem accessible while discussing their vacation plans or “a helicopter made of diamonds.”

Kimmel joked, “Don’t you think America loves hearing about rich people’s vacations and very attractive women who are tomboys?”

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