Kelly Connolly
May 15, 2015 AT 04:44 PM EDT

TLC’s upcoming hourlong special is set to ask the tough questions about love tanks.

Submissive Wives’ Guide to Marriage, airing Sunday, May 17, at 9/8c, offers a look inside the lives of “submissive wives,” whose only focus is on meeting their husbands’ every need. In this exclusive clip, longtime submissive wife Tara offers a few words of wisdom to Kristin, who is entering submissive marriage. Kristin and her husband are intimate “more than some people are,” which isn’t enough for Tara.

“She needs to be having hot sex with her man,” Tara says. “That means making sure that that love tank is full.” And what happens when the tank runs dry? “A grumpy man.”

Just when the conversation is starting to sound like sex therapy, Tara adds that this has nothing to do with Kristin’s pleasure: “It doesn’t matter the way she feels. She has to do it anyway.” Sounds healthy!


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