Jeff Labrecque
May 24, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

In “Valley Forge,” George Washington was tested like never before. Not only was his depleted army in danger of collapsing in the cold while the British occupied warm beds in New York and Philadelphia, but the general himself was wracked by severe doubt. 

But perhaps there’s good news on the horizon. In fact, “Providence,” which airs on Memorial Day, might just be the turning point that Washington needs. Some of that credit has to go Washington himself and his perseverance and refusal to buckle despite an avalanche of setbacks. But his ship is about to come in—a whole fleet of them.

In this exclusive clip from Monday night’s episode, a slightly bewildered Washington receives some good news: France is finally prepared to act, lending the Americans the muscle they so desperately need. More important, the face of that new alliance will become an important one for Washington, and hopefully for Turn: Lafayette.

Marie-Joseph-Paul-Yves-Roch-Gilbert du Moiter de La Fayette was born into French royalty with close ties to the court at Versailles. He was also an orphan who crossed the Atlantic with idealistic hopes of helping strike a blow for American independence. He would quickly become part of Washington’s inner circle, distinguishing himself on the battlefield and, as Benjamin Tallmadge is similarly portrayed, as one of the general’s most sincere and dedicated protectors. 

Vive les Etats-Unis. 


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