Larry Busacca/Getty Images
Samantha Highfill
May 28, 2015 AT 05:50 PM EDT

One appeareance on The Bachelorette, and suddenly America can’t stop, won’t stop trying to get Amy Schumer to agree to become the next lucky woman to find her (probably temporary) true love on national television.

But it isn’t just fans who want to see Schumer on the show. Bachelorette producers Robert Mills and Mike Fleiss have both tweeted at the comedian, saying that they’d love to help her look for love on the air. Even Schumer has gotten in on the fun, sort of, by tweeting an unflattering picture of herself and captioning it “Your next bachelorette.”

Unfortunately for ABC, though, it seems Schumer may have just put an end to the speculation. On Thursday, Fleiss tweeted a message implying that he and Schumer could be meeting “at an undisclosed location in Beverly Hills,” presumably to discuss a possible Bachelorette run.

Schumer, however was quick to reply—and not only to deny the supposed meeting, but also to point out that she’s not even in the same state as Fleiss.

So now the question is: Is Schumer as Bachelorette actually a possibility, or is this all just Twitter fun?

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