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Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch: By the numbers

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Michael Jackson moved into the Neverland Ranch almost 30 years ago, and the California property would soon become the subject of both awe and controversy. (During his high-profile child molestation case, prosecutors said Jackson used the estate as a lure for children; Jackson was found not guilty of all charges in 2005.) Now, the sprawling dwelling is on the market for $100 million—millions more than Jackson originally bought it for in the late ’80s.

On the occasion of the ranch’s status in the real-estate market, we looked at Matt Lauer and Larry King’s tours of the property and broke the place down by the numbers. Check out how many acres Jackson actually used, how much he paid for one of his most talked-about decorations and how many llamas are still there (yes, there are still llamas there).

1983: The year Jackson first stayed at the ranch, then called the Sycamore Valley Ranch, while filming the video for “Say Say Say” with Paul McCartney
1988: Thee year Jackson bought the property
19.5 million: The amount Jackson paid for the property
100 million: The current asking price for the property
.25 mile: The distance the steam train—named after Jackson’s mother, Katherine—traveled to get from the mansion to the theater
22: The number of buildings on the property
37: The number of acres occupied on the nearly 2,800-acre property
1.5 million: The amount Jackson paid for Gone With the Wind’s Best Picture Academy Award, which sat on a rotating pedestal in his living room
18th century: The era in which the mansion’s floors, shipped to the U.S. from a French chateau, were made
160: The number of people required to maintain the property 
10 million: The amount it took to maintain the property—including its zoo, theme park, and theater—during its height
1: The number of llamas currently still on the ranch